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Kitchen and Architectural Slabs

Galactic Blue Labradorite Slab in architectural kitchen

Exquisite Slabs

Our slabs are made of granite from our co-op of family-owned and operated European quarries and finished in Europe at our Italian, Ukrainian and Norwegian production facilities. We maintain superior quality assurance and can offer third-party inspections before shipping. For smaller orders, we maintain an inventory of products in our Oklahoma stone yard.


Our Selection of Granites

Shipping Options

Full Containers

The best pricing is available for full containers. One container can hold 24 tons of granite or around 60 full-size slabs. Some of our more exquisite granite comes in less than full-size slabs. Delivery time is approximately 3 months from time of deposit as of January 1, 2022.

Partial Containers

In some circumstances it may be possible to bundle a large order that is less than a full container with one of our inventory or custom order shipments. The price is modestly higher than a full container and the time for delivery may also be slightly longer than a full container.

Inventory Sales

We hold limited supplies of stock on hand if you have an order for as little as one slab and up to a few bundles. Delivery is usually possible within a few days and the price reflects this convenience.

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